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Guidance for Writing a match reports

We have had some amazing and brilliant match reports written this season but just for clarification please see our guidance for writing a match report below:

Guidance for writing a match report.

We know that writing a match report can be daunting, especially at first! We have put together some guidance to help everyone- even those who have been writing them for a while! We hope to provide some uniformity for the club in the structure of how they are written. We do not however intend this guidance to take away from peoples individuality.

  1. Name of teams playing and league
  2. Date of match
  3. Who had first Centre
  4. Positive breakdown of each quarter
  5. Something that we are working on as a team although this should be written in a positive manner
  6. Congratulations to the team members
  7. Congratulations to the players of the match- depending on the league/match this may be one person or two
  8. Thanks to anyone necessary- coaches, umpires, parents, spectators
  9. Team photo- maybe even a before and after!
  10. If you decide to mention one team member it is a good idea to say something about all team members

Things we should aim to avoid in the light of the club ranging from Juniors to Seniors and parents.

  1. Please avoid using inappropriate language
  2. Remember that the team mates you are writing about have feelings

It is essential that we do not make any negative comments about our opposition or the umpires, or include anything that could be upsetting to our own players. Remember- if the  comments in the match report were written about you would you be happy for yourself and others to read it?

If you are unsure or need additional advice please contact the Head Coach or a member of the executive committee. Once you have completed your match report it can be worth leaving it for a short period before re-reading it and then posting the report to give some perspective.